Stranger Things Chapter 1 The Lost Boys Walkthrough

Chapter 1: The Lost Boys


This is the very first chapter of the game. The player meets relatively easy puzzles while proceeding into the flow of the game. You go through an area solving puzzles and finishing off enemies as you go. It’s late at night and Hopper receives a phone call from Flo, who tells him the Byers boy and his friends are missing. Hopper goes immediately to Hawkins National Laboratory with Officer Powell to start searching for the missing boys. After leaving Hopper’s trailer you’ll head south to start the chapter. To start, talk to Powell to get the keycard which opens the lab’s door.

Talk to Powell

Get the Keycard

In the first room you enter you may hit the cabinets and barrels to collect money and hearts.

Hit objects and get hearts and money

There are several things you can interact with in this room but all you need to do is get the keycard from the chest, then go through the north door to the next room. The next room will have your first enemy encounter. You’ll fight two enemies that will take two hits each to be killed.

Hit enemies twice to kill them

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