Stranger Things Chapter 2 The Gate Walkthrough

Chapter 2: The Gate

When you left Chapter 1, Hopper had just departed the National Hawkins Laboratory and was tasked with finding Nancy. Chapter 2 proceed with Hopper’s search for Nancy, which takes him into the Upside Down. But his adventure also leads him somewhere even more dangerous. Chapter 2 is actually longer and more difficult than the first. You start this chapter in the Upside Down. But you don’t have to be here for long. This area has a particular trick that includes knocking pods around to ruin the tentacles preventing you to pass. The very first section of this area has one of these pods. Each pod can be hit exactly three times and after being hit for the third time it will explode in a glance.

Punch the first one with Hopper twice on the left, then once up to make it wipe out the first annoying tentacle. The next room is a little trickier, but anyway not by much. You’ll have to punch the pods and move them into the necessary positions by hitting three times each so they’ll make your way clear from obstacles. Punch each of them towards the tentacles at about the same time. With the tentacles disappeared, you can exit the Upside Down. Lucas can now rejoin you and you can enter the next dungeon through the giant spooky tree stump. In the Forest Maze you can destroy bushes for money, hearts, and slingshot ammo. You have to try staying at full health during this area so Lucas can one-shot birds from afar. Otherwise, you may have a tough time.

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