Stranger Things Chapter 3 The Voice in the Radio Walkthrough

Chapter 3: The Voice in the Radio

Starting off use Lucas to kill the first enemy intruder at the street next to Hawkins Middle School. Then, you’ll need to use Nancy’s ability and demolish the giant tree log that prevents you to go the Hawkins Middle School. Make sure to also collect the heart and the rocks found at the bushes nearby. Enter at the school and get ready to initialize the third Chapter. The first room you’ll enter will make you face instantly five enemies and you’ll have to neutralize them without getting much harm; You can use anyone’s move to make this happen. Don’t forget to smash all the available lockers here as you’ll find a quantity of throwing stones that Lucas uses for his attack.

You’ll be able to go to the next room by hitting the cart and make it move over the button near the upper door. The door will remain door and you can move forward. Once you enter don’t forget to brake the first of five alarms on the wall and then continue right. Finish off all the enemies in this room using foremostly Lucas and his ability to throw stones from a distance. After collecting everything found in this room, including two hearts and a bunch of throwing stones, kick the moving cart over the button next to the door on the right. In this way you can move into the next room. Here you’ll be facing two other enemies that you have to kill before they hurt you first. Inside the chest on the right side you’ll find the first keycard which you can use to open the door of the room in the middle where you can spot two enemies moving nonsense. Open the door and kill the first enemy then go back and continue on the left side.

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  1. how do i get mike past the obstacles when being chased .. not sure how to make the bike jump or does it

    • If you are having trouble surviving the van/bike chase you may need more health. Go back out the front of the school and finish some of the side quest (ie bring people what they ask for) to earn more heart pieces. I beat it on my forth try with 8 hearts.
      During the chase, wait until the last second to dodge the obstacles. The van will hit them and take damage.

    • It doesn’t jump unless there is a ramp

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