Stranger Things Chapter 6 The Hydra Walkthrough

Chapter 6: The Hydra

Hopper figures all the gates to The Upside Down that have been appearing around town have been coming from the depths of Hawkins National Laboratory. You’ll enter the Laboratory Bunker by throwing a pudding jar to the bear that prevents your entrance. Once you enter into this dungeon you’ll notice the last VHS in the top left. After getting the VHS, shoot the switch in the bottom right with Lucas to clear your way to the top right. The first keycard is in there, at the top right room. Take it and use it to unlock the room below. Hit the switch that changes the above lasers and then follow the way on the top right. Continue going up and after cleaning the room from the lady guard enemy get the surrounding collectibles. Hit the switches here in order to make your way on the left. Get the keycard from the chest inside this room and then go back at the unexplored left side of the long hallway. There you’ll spot a laser preventing to go through the next door. Proceed going in the down direction where you’ll face two enemies and you’ll find the switch that disables the laser in the above hallway. In this room you’ll find a red button that is called the lift. The red button brings the elevator at the main hallway. Go and jump into the elevator to reach the level 2 of the Laboratory Bunker. Going in the down direction you’ll spot several lasers and their switches above. To clear the way from the laser light  you have to hit the switches as the following steps suggest:

  • From left to right first hit the second switch
  • Then the third
  • The seventh (last one)
  • Fifth
  • And then fourth

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    I accidentally used the key from the sewers on the rat’s fence gate because it glitched out and wouldn’t unlock (therefore I couldn’t leave). What do I do??

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