Eggo Waffle Locations

If you want to fulfill the game at its 100% you inevitably need to collect every collectible item within. The most important of them all are the Eggos, which are smartly hidden throughout the different game levels and you’ll need to collect them all to accomplish the mysterious intriguing game. Just make sure you won’t tolerate searching throughout every new room and environment you get into and so you’ll collect all the scattered hearts, coins and Eggos in the game. Make sure to examine carefully and make sure to open and check all of the chests at all levels. Here’s a detailed explanation of the things you need to grab along:

Basically Eggos are generated after beating any chapter’s ultimate boss. It won’t be difficult to figure out how.

Eggo 1: Found hidden inside Hawkins lab after defeating the Hawkins Lab boss in Chapter 1.
Eggo 2: Found in the forest Maze after defeating the Forest Maze boss first in Chapter 2.
Eggo 3: Found in the wreckage of a conspicuous Van after defeating the Conspicuous Van in Chapter 3.
Eggo 4: Found vacuum sealed in the sewers after defeating the Sewer boss in Chapter 4.
Eggo 5: Found in Hawkins Public Library after defeating the Library boss in Chapter 5.
Eggo 6: Found deep in the Hawkins Lab Bunker.
Eggo 7: Found in the Wheeler’s House refrigerator.
Eggo 8: Found hidden inside Bradley’s Big Buy. You have to use Nancy to break through a wall in the upper right part of the store.

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