Gnome Locations

Gnome 1: David dreams of one day having his own television show. Found behind Hopper’s home.
Gnome 2: Bumble got lost hunting truffles after a hungry bear chased him away.
Gnome 3: Grumble claims to have visited the veil of shadows in a nearby stronghold. There’s a small sliver of forest between the Lab and the Quarry and he can be found there.
Gnome 4: Tumble has always been an active, sporty sort.
Gnome 5: Sam never finished school and went back to complete his education.
Gnome 6: Pipsy’s favorite food is pumpkin pie. Found in the pumpkin patch.
Gnome 7: Tipsy had too much blackberry brandy and passed out in the woods. Found in the forest west of the Sewers.
Gnome 8: Keep your eye on Robil or he’ll steal your sandwich. Found in Hawkins Lab. You need Will to climb through a pipe in a room northeast of the entrance.
Gnome 9: Bibil laves strong smelling cheese, which might explain why he was found down in the sewer. Found in the Sewers. You need to use Will to squeeze through a pipe to access this gnome.
Gnome 10: Wigglebum loves rainbows and other colorful lights. Found in the Library, in a small room to the east of the entrance.
Gnome 11: Lord Twinklenose is just a big homebody. Found in a house in the small town in the lower left area of the map below the graveyard.
Gnome 12: Pop loves hiking along mountaintops.
Found in the Quarry. You need to use Dustin to lure a bear away from a cave entrance.
There’s a small shed in the town that has four green chests. Each one has an upgrade for a specific character inside. You open one after you find 3 gnomes, another after 6, then 9, then the last at 12.

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