Heart Piece Locations

Heart Piece 1: Found in Hawkins Lab after you return with Nancy.
Heart Piece 2: Destroy all five surveillance cameras in Hawkins Lab.
Heart Piece 3: Found west of Hopper’s home.
Heart Piece 4: In the forest. You need Dustin to use pudding to move the bear.
Heart Piece 5: Found in a small forest to the left of Castle Byers, which is to the left of Joyce’s home.
Heart Piece 6: You get this for giving Powell his handcuffs.
Heart Piece 7: Found in the corn maze.
Heart Piece 8: You get this after giving Mr. Clarke the Science Textbook.
Heart Piece 9: Found above the Librarian’s house by jumping over a ramp.
Heart Piece 10: Found in the bunker pipe maze.
Heart Piece 11: Found in the Sewers.
Heart Piece 12: Pop all the balloons in the sewers.
Heart Piece 13: In the Forest Maze. You need Will to access it through a pipe.
Heart Piece 14: Break all the fire alarms in Hawkins Middle School.
Heart Piece 15: Break all the owl/bird houses in Forest Maze.
Heart Piece 16: Collect all the overdue books the the Hawkins Library and hen open the chest near the front of the library.
Heart Piece 17: Smash all five aliens in jars in the Hawkins Bunker in Chapter 6.
Heart Piece 18: Give the Robot Toy to Bradley’s store clerk to get this one.
Heart Piece 19: Found in the Quarry.
Heart Piece 20: Get this after you give Tommy H. his Pocket Knife.

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