Other Items

UV Lens Filter: Found in the Forest Maze. Give to Jonathan in exchange for a Camo Backpack.
Pocket Knife: Found in the Forest Maze. Give to Tommy.
Ledger: Give to Melvald to get Heart Piece 33.
Romance Novel: Found in Joyce’s house. Give to Flo in the Police Station to get Heart Piece 30.
Science Textbook: Found in a locker in the school. Give to Mr. Clarke.
Salt: Give to Hunting store clerk to get Heart Piece 36.
Blank Cassette: Found in a locker in Hawkins Middle School. Give to Jonathan.
Police Badge: Found in the Quarry. Give to Callahan at the Police Station to get Heart Piece 32.
Movie Tickets: Found in the movie theater. Give to Steve.
Donuts: Purchase at the shop.
Give to Powell the cop to get a Cathode Ray Tube.
Phone: Purchase at the shop. Give to Joyce.
Lipstick: Found in the Sewers. Give to Carol at Bradley’s Store.
Robot Toy: Found in a house east of the school. Give to Bradley’s store clerk to get Heart Piece 18.
Cathode Ray Tube: Powell gives this to you in exchange for donuts.
Hawkins Lab Blueprints: Found in Hawkins Lab. Give to Callahan.
Hairspray: Buy in the shop for 100 coins.
Pumpkin: Found in the pumpkin patch.
Rubber skeleton: Found in the graveyard.
Nails: Found in the forest.
Handcuffs: Found in the forest.
Keys: Found in a small shack (Castle Byers) to the left of Joyce’s house. Give them to Joyce.
Nails: Give them to Steve to get a Spiked Bat for Nancy.
Bottle of Pop: Found in the Garbage Dump. Give to Tommy for a heart piece.
Break Pads: Found in the Garbage Dump (junkyard). Give to Callahan for some coins.
Game Cartridge: Found in Garbage Dump (junkyard). Give to Bradley’s Clerk for a heart piece.
Rubik’s Cube: Found in Quarry. Give to Florist Clerk for some coins.
Scrub Brush: Found in shed behind Byers’ home. Give to Hawk Theater Attendant for some coins.

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  1. I can t get through the sewer in chapter 4. Feel like I missed something and need a new character. I have Lucas, Nancy, and Mike, and cannot steer through the moving water. Help! Ok, stupid me!! Figured out how to stop the water, duh! But stop the top part of the square to get to the tool box and other box. Been through the entire sewer ( besides that part I can t seem to get to. So I can t get the egg or the last balloon! Please help! How do I get there?

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