Stranger Things Chapter 5 Riddles in the Dark Walkthrough

Chapter 5: Riddles in the Dark

Enter into the library and start the Chapter 5. This dungeon is specified as a bit stressful as you have a lot to do to get through. Once you enter into the library you’ll notice two first armed guards. Clean out the first room and then continue up right. Collect the Wigglebum gnome placed at the room below on the right and then continue through the above gate to the Upside Down. Go at main library’s main hallway inside the Upside Down and demolish the two tentacles down left using the exploding pod. You’ll get the keycard from inside the chest in the small bathroom. Use the keycard to unlock the door in the top right after clearing your way from the obstacles by adjusting two pods in a way that they’ll explode each other. The next room contains a few tentacles that need to e destroyed.

First, free the right pass by placing the pods on your left parallel to each other and then push them till one of them can explode the tentacle on the right side. Hit the next pod only once without exploding it, just to push it over and pass through. The four tentacles on the top need two explosions to be exterminated and you have to push two pods next to each other to make it happen. Now, pass through the small tunnel on the top left of the room and and while after defeating the reptiles you’ll notice a door below whose keycard you don’t possess yet. Head up where you’ll notice a tentacle that prevents your passing. Use the explosion of both pods located here to make your way clear. Use the top left passageway to go to the next room. Destroy all the tentacles on the right by pushing two pods next to each other till they blast.

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